West of Goose Islanda Chicago Story 

West of Goose Island - a Chicago Storyhighlights the adventures Richard had growing up in a Polish immigrant neighborhood in Chicago. This warm and humorous coming-of-age memoir captures an era of Americana with heart and honesty. A PhD, ex-CIA spook and an international entrepreneur sprouted from the old neighborhood values. Richard has written numerous text and business books but this is his first novel. A thrilling spy series based on his adult adventures is coming soon! 

Meet the Author - Richard S. Post 

 Excerpt from West of Goose Island - a Chicago story  

It was a great time to be a kid ... 

We got the first flocked tree in the neighborhood. It was white with blue floodlights, and we centered it in the living room picture window. It was the only one on Cortez Street in 1953. My dad and I went to get it from a store, not a tree lot, on December twentieth.My mom was not so happy because we had to move the furniture so the tree could be seen from the street. She probably was happy though because it made our house look special, not quite like Candy Cane Lane on Oak Park Avenue between Belmont and Addison, but better than the other houses on our block.